Token Based Switch over IP

Token Based Switch over IP traffic (TBS-IP) is a ForCES router designed and implemented in a prototype at UvA. Using specific encrypted tokens built-in the IP packets, TBS-IP allows connections between a regular connectionless IP (Campus) network and a connection-oriented GMPLS network of an Optical Network Service provider. The TBS-IP router provides a web-service configuration/set-up interface to a high level authorisation and accounting service (e.g., AAA servers from UvA, Harmony from UniBonn, OSCARS from Internet2). The TBS-IP router can be programmed for a number of reserved paths/service levels using an XML Authorization ticket proposed and implemented in the PHOSPHORUS AAA/AuthZ infrastructure.

TBS-IP uses Intel IXDP2850 network processor controlled by a hostPC and consists of the following software modules:

  1. the data-plane "fix2850" that runs on the IXDP2850 parallel architecture
  2. the control-plane slave "fe" that runs on the control processor of IXDP2850
  3. the control-plane master "forceg" that runs on a hostPC under linux and provides a gateway between a higher-level module (webservice) and the low-level "Fe"
  4. the webservice interface of the whole TBS-IP system for interconnection to a service-plane system

The Token Based IP Switch is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

File Size TXT
Snapshot Microengine code for IXP2850
626.75 kBDownload readme
Snapshot of ForCES code for x86 host and XScale on IXP2850
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Snapshot WebService client for an AuthorizationTicket request to ForCEG
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Persons responsible for this product:

  • Mihai Cristea (University of Amsterdam)