Harmony is the network resource brokering system developed under PHOSPHORUS Work Package 1. Harmony provides co-allocation of heterogeneous network resources in multi-domain environments with advance reservation capabilities for the Grid.

Harmony's Network Service Plane architecture has evolved from a first proof-of-concept, centralized model to a distributed one, passing through a mid-term, multi-level hierarchical model. Due to the modularity Harmony has been provided and its branding flexibility, it even allows complex service plane configurations such as daisy chain (control plane-like) or hybrid deployments (mixing any model).

The source code is divided into several elements representing the different components of the Harmony system. The binaries involve several applications, each one related to their corresponding source code, ready to be deployed in the web application server.


The HARMONY is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3 (LGPLv3).

File Size TXT
Harmony source-code
148.67 MB-
Harmony binary
139.68 MB-
Installation and deployment guides
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Persons responsible for this product:

  • Sergi Figuerola (i2CAT Foundation)
  • Joan Antoni Garcia Espin (i2CAT Foundation)