GAAA-TK library

The GAAA Toolkit (GAAA-TK) pluggable Java library is the product of Phosphorus project Workpackage 4.

The GAAA-TK library provides all necessary functionality to support policy based on-demand network resource provisioning in a heterogeneous multi-domain environment. The library allows for authorization request evaluation with local XACML based PDP or calling out to the external authorization service.

The major GAAA-TK components include Policy Enforcement Point (PEP), XACML based Policy Decision Point (PDP), Context Handler supporting all communications between PDP and PEP, Obligations Handler. The Token Validation Service (TVS) supporting token based signalling and access control functionality is a component of the general GAAA-TK library. For the convenience of application developers, the GAAA-TK provides simple XACML policy generation tools. The library provides flexible configuration that includes a set of domain related properties and policy and network topology description metadata.

The library is designed in a such way that it can be used by the network provisioning middleware at control plane or service plane and provide also a gateway between native Grid security middleware and network provisioning security services.


The GAAA-TK library is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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Persons responsible for this product:

  • Yuri (University of Amsterdam)