Grid Middleware
WS-Agreement for UNICORE 6 (WSAG4UNICORE6)

WSAG4UNICORE6 is a generic SLA framework for UNICORE 6. It is based on WSAG4J, a full featured Java implementation of the WS-Agreement specification. The implementation seamlessly integrates in a UNICORE 6 environment by providing an adaptation layer between Service Level Agreements based on WS-Agreement and the internal UNICORE 6 Web-Service protocol stack. The main features of WSAG4UNICORE6 are support for agreement negotiation based on available resources. This is used for e.g. the MetaScheduling Service. Moreover, it supports SLAs to execute compute jobs (best effort and advance reservation) on a specific UNICORE 6 site and initiate file transfers between UNICORE 6 sites. The WSAG4UNICORE6 integration uses SAML-Assertions for trust delegation and security.

MetaScheduling Service (wisdom-scheduler)

The MetaScheduling Service (MSS) of the VIOLA project has been extended to support WISDOM workflows. Therefore, the scheduler uses SLAs to execute the WISDOM workflow on available Grid resources. It interacts with the UNICORE6 middleware through WSAG4UNICORE6. The WISDOM workflow is composed of pre-staging, execution of the docking simulations, and post-staging. Pre-staging transfers the input files for the simulations to the selected machines, while post-staging retrieves the results from the resources used for executing the docking simulations. For the execution of the docking simulations and the transport of the input and output data Service Level Agreements are negotiated. SAML-Assertions are used to establish a chain of trust within the workflow and across all components.


The Grid Middleware is licensed under the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

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WSAG4UNICORE6 Server 0.1.1 (tar.gz)
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Server 0.1.1 (tar.gz) - checksum
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Server 0.1.1 (zip)
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Server 0.1.1 (zip) - checksum
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Client 0.1.1 (tar.gz)
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Client 0.1.1 (tar.gz) - checksum
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Client 0.1.1 (zip)
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WSAG4UNICORE6 Client 0.1.1 (zip) - checksum
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WISDOM scheduler 1.0.5 (war)
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WISDOM scheduler 1.0.5 (war) - checksum
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Persons responsible for this product:

  • Wolfgang Ziegler (Fraunhofer Institute SCAI)