ECOC Workshop 2007

Networks for IT: A new Opportunity for Optical Network Technologies

Sunday, September 16, 14:00- 18:00

Jointly sponsored by e-Photon/ONe+ and PHOSPHORUS

Chair:Dimitra Simeonidou (University of Essex,
Co-chairs:Mario Pickavet (Ghent University IBBT,,
Anna Tzanakiki (Athens Information Technology,,
Ioannis Tomkos (Athens Information Technology

Networks increasingly deal with managing and adapting distributed computing and associated data management resources (PCs, servers, supercomputers, clusters) and storage systems.

Due to potentially very high aggregated demands for networked IT, a paradigm shift in the optical network architecture may be needed to enable dynamic and distributed IT services at large scale.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for optical network researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences on problems, challenges, solutions and future research and development issues concerning the deployment of optical networks for providing IT services. In addition to invited paper presentations, the workshop provides an intimate setting for discussion and debate.


14:00-14:15Workshop opening
14:15-14:45"Orchestrating optimally IT and network resource allocations for stringent distributed applications over ultrahigh bit rate transmission networks", Dominique Verchere (Alcatel-Lucent)
14:45-15:15"The PHOSPHORUS project - the new face of Bandwidth on Demand services", Artur Binczewski (PSNC)
15:15-16:00"EnLIGHTened and G-lambda: reserving inter-domain lambda and compute resources across US and Japan", Tomohiro Kudoh (AIST), Gigi Karmous Edwards (MCNC)
16:20-16:50"New requirements coming from entertainment, media and digital content for optical networks and control planes", Peter Tomsu (Cisco Systems)
16:50-17:20"Resource virtualization and service abstraction for network and non-network resources", Piero Castoldi (SSUP)
17:20-17:25"SIP-based service virtualization for future IT services and applications over high speed optical networks", Franco Callegati (University of Bologna)
17:25-17:50"Task scheduling in optical grid networks; A 3TNET approach", Wei Guo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
17:50-18:00Closing remarks

Note: Attendance to this workshop is free of charge for ECOC registered attendees.