Enhancements to the GMPLS Control Plane

The purpose of this activity in the PHOSPHORUS project is to define the architecture, design and implement the Grid-enabled GMPLS (G2MPLS) Network Control Plane.

What is G2MPLS?

 G2MPLS is an enhancement of the ASON/GMPLS Control Plane architecture that implements the concept of Grid Network Services (GNS). In the PHOSPHORUS framework, GNS is a service that allows the provisioning of network and Grid resources in a single-step, through a set of seamlessly integrated procedures.

G2MPLS results in a more powerful Control Plane solution than the standard ASON/GMPLS, because it will comply with the needs for enhanced network and Grid services required by network "power" users/applications (i.e. the Grids). Nevertheless, G2MPLS is not conceived to be an application-specific architecture, and it will support any kind of endpoint applications by providing network "legacy" ASON/GMPLS transport services and procedures. This compliance fosters the possible integration of Grids in operational/commercial networks, by overcoming the limitation of Grids operating on dedicated, stand-alone network infrastructures.

  • Because it's a dual approach with regard to Grid brokers working with and configuring network resources
  • Because grid nodes can be modelled as network nodes with node-level grid resources to be advertised and configured, and this is a native task for GMPLS
  • Because it's possible to inherit useful GMPLS native features, e.g. crankback and recovery
What are the basic differences between ASON/GMPLS and G2MPLS?

G2MPLS extends ASON/GMPLS in order to provide part of the functionalities related to the selection, co-allocation and maintenance of both Grid and network resources, by exposing upgraded interfaces at the UNI and E-NNI network reference points (i.e. G.OUNI and G.E-NNI).

The Grid extensions to GMPLS include the following procedures:

  • Discovery and advertisement of Grid capabilities and resources of the participating Grid sites
  • Service setup and maintenance
    • Coordination, co-allocation and configuration of grid and network resources associated with a Grid job
    • Recovery of the installed network services and possible escalation of procedures
    • Advance reservations of Grid and network resources
  • Service monitoring: retrieving of the status of a Grid job and the related network connections
What are the advantages introduced by Grid-GMPLS?

The G2MPLS Network Control Plane can bring to an innovation in the field of co-allocation of Grid and network resources, because of its

  • faster dynamics for service setup
  • adoption of well-established procedures for traffic engineering, resiliency and crankback
  • uniform interface for the Grid-user to trigger Grid & network transactions

From a user's perspective, G2MPLS enables a real node-to-node deployment of on-demand Grid services. Part of the middleware functionalities related to selection, co-allocation and maintenance of both Grid and network resources are provided through the G.OUNI. From a network operator perspective, G2MPLS enables the integration of Grids and automated network control plane technologies in real operational and commercial networks.

G2MPLS Network Control Plane
Figure 1 - G2MPLS Network Control Plane
What is the Grid-GMPLS context of application?

In PHOSPHORUS, the G2MPLS will interface to a number of existing Network Resources Provisioning Systems (UCLP, ARGON, DRAC), and to the Inter-Domain Management system defined by the GÉANT2 project, in order to provide as seamless as possible operations for Grid resources provisioning.

Activity Partners
  • ADVA AG Optical Networking
  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung
  • Fundació i2CAT
  • Nextworks s.r.l.
  • Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
  • Research and Education Society in Information Technologies
  • University of Essex
  • University of Leeds
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