"Optical Networking Requirements for European NRENs" - White Paper released
PSNC This report tracks the trends and developments taking place in changing regulatory environment, competition and imaginative implementation of new business models within the telecommunications sector.

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Final Phosphorus Review
PSNCFinal project review will take place on 28th-30th of September 2009 in Poznan, Poland. Accomodation, arrival and transportation details are available here.

Cooperation agreement with KISTI
ICT ResultsThe PHOSPHORUS project consortium, and specifically, its Work Package 1, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a non-EU institution: the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, which holds an outstanding position on the Asia research community. This cooperation, started at the end of 2008, explores the possibility to share the experience and technical knowledge and research between PHOSPHORUS and KISTI, letting the latter join as a new member on the optical dynamic switching test-bed controlled by the Harmony system in Phosphorus. KISTI has connected its data plane with Harmony's data plane via GLORIAD/Canarie and the Communications Research Centre in Canada. Moreover, Harmony software is controlling now the Korean segment of the test-bed, having KISTI installed Argia software as their Network Resource Provisioning System. This new domain was involved in the successful demonstrations of Harmony at the PHOSPHORUS booth in the Terena Networking Conference 2009. Further information can be found on
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"One-stop shop for grid computing" on ICT Results Features
ICT ResultsOn ICT Results website has been published an aritcle "One-stop shop for grid computing" about Phosphorus project. ICT Results is an editorial service created for the European Commission to showcase EU-funded ICT research and activities.
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On-demand network services for Scientific Community - workshop & demonstrations (TNC2009), 7th June 2009, Malaga, Spain
GA Phosphorus MeetingThis workshop demonstrates different approaches to the provisioning of on-demand network services for the scientific community by the European projects, including PHOSPHORUS. In particular, the workshop highlights the integration between transport networks, Grid middleware, applications and supporting tools like simulators by the presentation of solutions for seamless single-step provisioning of on-demand services across multi-domain networks. The presentations will be supported by live demonstrations.
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GA Phosphorus Meeting, Jurata 2009
GA Phosphorus MeetingThe registration on the GA Phosphorus meeting is now closed.

More info about this event is available here

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