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Firewall Issues Research Group


The research group will first document the type of issues that Grid applications experience when the need arises to control data transport policy enforcement devices (firewalls, packet filter, application gateways). Once the types of issues have been identified, the group will relate these issues to specific categories of enforcement devices.

This research group is not working on standards but caries out activities to investigate the group's topic and to potentially spin-off an OGF working group later to work on standards.


List of partners active in this research group:

Ralph Niederberger Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Co-chair
Leon Gommans Universiteit van Amsterdam Co-chair

These is one approved OGF document in this group: Firewall issues overview.

Link to group's page at OGF website is available here.

State of the work

The group has published two documents as OGF informational documents ("Firewall issues overview" and "Requirements on operating Grids in Firewalled Environments").

The first document describes the issues grid applications face with firewalls located on the communication paths.

The second document of FI-RG is describing existing solutions allowing grid applications traversing firewalls, evaluates these approaches and solutions (for firewall issues) such as application level gateways, host based firewalls, VPN style gateways etc. and summarizes the remaining open issues.